Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose me as a photographer?
Because you have a real attraction for my style and my photographic universe. I like pastel blue and pink tones, bright images, simple and timeless outfits. I want to bring out from the pictures I take the maximum naturalness and spontaneity. I do not work in a studio but at home or in a place where you feel good.

What kind of photo can I take?
I mainly do what I call "happiness photos". Logically, I'm crazy about engagement, bachelor party, marriage, pregnancy and birth, but I'm not limited to that! I also love having the opportunity to take pictures of you even if there is no particular event to celebrate: I will be happy to photograph your couple, your friendship, your grandparent pride, or the laughter of your children, for example. And my favorite challenge is probably to work on solo sessions to help you gain confidence.

And if you are not at all comfortable and do not know how to pose?
The most important thing for me is to capture authentic moments, not to ask you to "pose". I love the spontaneous laughter, the loving looks we do not need to claim and the sparkles in the eyes of the parents watching their little ones. All this cannot be controlled, it's life, the real one! And then, I am convinced that everyone, both children and adults, can be radiant on a photo, even if you are bashful. If you have some complexes or you are shy, there will always be a clever way to make you forget all that and get pictures that you will love! A light that enhances you, the sweet look of your lover, some fun words that will make you forget your fears... I promised, it will become a nice memory!

Where will the photos be taken?
Outdoors in a rather clean place (I'm in love with photos at the beach!)
At my home (I have several rooms with simple decoration and easily adaptable to your preferences).
At your home (in your bedroom or the future nursery if you are pregnant, for example).
No studio, but rather a place where you can be yourself, in a comfortable context and a suitable atmosphere to reveal your happiness.

Can I move?
I work mainly in Folkestone, where I live, but I am quite willing to rejoin you for photo sessions in the UK, France, Switzerland and Belgium. In the case of significant displacement (implying that I come by train or plane, for example), it will be necessary to add travel fees to the total budget of the shooting. I travel regularly in the Paris region.

How are the sessions held?
Before the session, I will take the time to talk with you for about an hour, over the phone or over a cuppa, to understand better your expectations. This conversation will allow me to know what kind of photo you like, which one you would prefer, what are the little things that you would like to see or on the contrary with which you are not comfortable. All in order to work closer to your expectations. The photo session itself is very simple and lasts about an hour during which you will have nothing more to do than be yourself!
Note for pregnancy and baby sessions: to preserve moms-to-be and toddlers as possible, I prefer to take these photos indoors, away from drafts and natural lights that can sometimes disturb newborns. It should be noted that the presence of dads-to-be or new dads is obviously not mandatory but in my eyes it is a real added value which it would be a shame to dismiss!

What to wear?
Simple and timeless outfits that you will not be ashamed of in ten or thirty years! Choose clear, plain colors and materials in which you feel comfortable.
Same for babies: a plain cotton bodysuit can sometimes be enough, unnecessary in my opinion to do too much, what matters most is the natural.